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Getting Started

How do I use SwimVoiceCoach?

Here you get a short description of how you set up an account, how you can use your own music in the trainig and create an audio file. Simply put: it’s easy!
All you need is a SwimVoiceCoach account and a waterproof mp3 player

Create an account

First thing you need to do, if you haven’t done so already. Create a SwimVoiceCoach account.

Create account
  • Provide your first name, last name, Country, email address and a personal password
  • You will receive an email with a confirmation link -> click on it to confirm your registration
  • You can now login to SwimVoiceCoach

Set your preferences and swim speed

Before you start generating your SwimVoiceCoach audio files you have few settings you can define:

Set your swim level

This is important settings value for us to provide you with training speeds that are tailored just for you! We measure your swim level based on the “Critical Swim Speed” (CSS) concept.

CSS is the pace at which you’d currently swim a 1500 Time Trial (in yards or metres). So, if you would swim 1500m in 30min your CSS pace would be 2min/100m.

How to test your Critical Swim Speed

To test your current CSS pace you don’t need to swim 1500m now! We provide you with a CSS Estimator. You can enter your time for shorter (100m, 200m, 400m) Time Trials. For even more accurate results, you should swim a 400m and 200m Time Trial within the same session. Recover well between the 2 Time Trials. Once you’re done, enter your 400m and 200m times into the CSS CALCULATOR. Use the ob-tained value as your CSS pace!

As your fitness improves rapidly, you’ll need to increase the pace of your CSS sets to reach higher levels! This is why we normally recommend you repeat the CSS test every 4 weeks.

Select your Coach

Swim training is a tough! We want to make sure you get the best experience possible by providing you several coaches. Choose the one you’d like to be your coach in the water!
Available coaches: Lisa, Allison, Kate and Greg.

Your music, our music or no music?

Your music
In order to have your music mixed into the audio swim training you need to provide your mp3 files on your Dropbox. After establishing the connection between SwimVoiceCoach and your Dropbox SwimVoiceCoach can read your music files and write the generated audio swim files to your Dropbox.
Do the following steps:

Set up Dropbox connection
  • Probably you’ve already got a Dropbox account. If not please create an account here:
  • Establish the connection to Dropbox
Allocate your music
  • In your Dropbox you’ll find a new folder: “\Apps\SwimVoiceCoach”
  • It has 2 subfolders, “Music” and “Trainings”
    • Put your music files (mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, wma, aac) in the “Music” folder
    • All the music files in this folder are randomly arranged to build your audio swim files
    • Your created trainings will automatically be exported to your “Trainings” folder

Our music, no music

Use it without your own music

Without music: To just swim with the audio instruction and no music, you can! Just select the Option “Use without music”.

With SwimVoiceCoach Playlist: If you don’t have any own music, but still want some sound to your training, you can choose “Use SwimVoiceCoach playlist”. We provide a some free vibes you can swim with.

If you establish the Dropbox connection, you make sure, that the training files is automatically downloaded to your Dropbox.

Choose a training and generate SwimVoiceCoach audio guided swim trainings

Navigate to the trainings page of the app. You see all the available trainings are listed. Choose a training you’d like to swim! You have a few training you can use without any payment.

To have some long and exiting trainings to your needs you can buy some training collections in the shop. The training collections are described with their focus and goal.

Choose and generate training

On the list of available training collections choose a training. Look at the details of the training by opening the pdf training description: Training description

After choosing a training you can generate the audio file by clicking on the Generate-Icon: Generate Training

The audio file is being created. Wait for a while. It can take 2-8 minutes until the audio track is fully mixed.
As soon as the file is ready it will be saved to your “Sessions” folder in your Dropbox.
Access the audio file on your local Dropbox or download if from your online Dropbox, by clicking on the Cloud-Button: File on Dropbox
You can also download it directly from SwimVoiceCoach by clicking on Download-Button: Download mp3 file

Put the files to your mp3 player and go swimming!

Now, move or copy the generated files to your mp3 player.
Go to the pool, choose your today’s training, jump into the water, start the training on your player, listen and swim! Never watch on a watch, just listen!

We wish you a very nice new swim experience!