SwimVoiceCoach – Just listen and swim!

SwimVoiceCoach offers you audio guided swim trainings. Basically you swim with your coaches voice in your ear. It provides you with:

  • entertaining swim sessions
  • helps you keep up your pace through a hard swim set
  • gives you information about speed, break time

SwimVoiceCoach is a complete swim coaching tool that helps you focus on your personal swim training! We provide the best trainings for you, while you swim at your own pace and to your favorite music!
Just listen and swim!

Try out our demo Trainings

How does it work?

1. Choose a training

2. Set your swim level and choose your preferred music

3. Let SwimVoiceCoach mix it all together into a great audio track

4. Load the track onto your water resistant mp3 player for swimming

5. Enjoy your audio guided swim training! You’ll be surprised how focused you are, how structured your training is and how your time in the pool flies by!

Try out our demo Trainings
Check it out
By adding coaching to the music, SwimVoiceCoach helps me to stay motivated during endurance sets and makes it easier to swim at the chosen pace. Martin Hohl

Professional Swim Coach and multiple Swiss Champion in Swimming, www.swimhohlic.com

SwimVoiceCoach helps me pushing through these hard interval sets!
I never miscount my lanes, never look on my watch – I just listen and swim!

Philipp Gubler

Top 80 Ironman Hawaii Athlete

Are you a swim coach?

SwimVoiceCoach is an ideal way to give your athletes ‘home work’ for the trainings they do on their own!

  • No excuses!
  • Your program, at the right pace! 

For more information contact us: hello@swimvoicecoach.com


  • July 27: Brand new! Training collection for Open Water training! With 10 trainings you can use when you train in the lake or in the sea. Open water trainings differ from pool training in the way that they are not pace based. They are time and intensitiy based. You can still use these trainings in the pool!
  • June 28: We want you! Are you interested in technology, love swimming and music! Then you are the right person! contact us on hello@swimvoicecoach.com
  • June 20: (Switzerland only). As a swiss customer you have the possibility to buy a waterproof Finis DUO headphone in a starter package together with a training collection to a reduced price.
  • June 18: Our new training collection “Endurance” is out. The collection consist of 10 trainings. Each training is a progression from the preceding one. Starting at 2’400 m/yds you’ll build up to 4’000 m/yds at an easy to moderate pace. Keep working with these trainings and you’ll love the long sessions in the water. -> Buy the training collection
  • June 12: Our first training collection “Threshold” is out. The collection consist of 10 trainings. This is the ultimate threshold training collection. Each training is 2’000 m/yds in distance and will help build your speed. Swim one of these trainings ones or twice a week and your buddies will eat your wave.  -> Buy the training collection
  • May 1: We are proud to announce SwimVoiceCoach! We welcome you to the new world of swim training! Try out all the demo trainings for free! -> Check it out

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Opinion Leader

Are you a swimmer or triathlete? Do you love new technology and music?
We want you!
As an opinion leader you get the possibilty to test the newest features of SwimVoiceCoach and get the newest training collections and have a big influence on new features of SwimVoiceCoach!

Interested? Contact us at hello@swimvoicecoach.com