SwimVoiceCoach is a web service that generates voice guided swim sessions you can listen to with any MP3-Player while swimming.


“It’s a whole new swim experience. I would never swim without it anymore!”


At every turn you know if your pace was right.


The first coach that is always available.


Increase your motivation even more with your favorite tunes.


Gain fitness by working out in your right intensity zone.

How does it work?

1. Choose a training

2. Set your swim level and choose your preferred music

3. Let SwimVoiceCoach mix it all together into a great audio track

4. Copy the track onto your waterproof MP3-Player

5. Enjoy your audio guided swim training! You’ll be surprised how focused you are, how structured your training is and how your time in the pool flies by!



We offer interval sessoin for all strokes.


Buy a headphone and get plenty of interval session to train with.


Buy a waterproof headphone.

By adding coaching to the music, SwimVoiceCoach helps me to stay motivated during endurance sets and makes it easier to swim at the chosen pace.

Martin Hohl

Professional Swim Coach and multiple Swiss Champion in Swimming, www.swimhohlic.com

With SwimVoiceCoach I have a training tool at my disposal that challenges me every time I use it and keeps me motivated during hard sessions.

Alain Zurbriggen

Founder of SwimVoiceCoach

SwimVoiceCoach helps me pushing through these hard interval sets!
I never miscount my lanes, never look on my watch – I just listen and swim!

Philipp Gubler

Top 80 Ironman Hawaii Athlete